Thursday, May 16, 2013

Politics Aside-Beckham Retires

Woke up this morning to have received an email from BBC breaking news relaying information that David Beckham will retire at the end of this season. He honored his commitment to Paris St. Germain, where early he announced would not take his salary but donate it to charity, and told him they would be the last team he will ever play for.

You either Liked David Beckham or you didn't-- no inbetween-- but there is no denying his athleticism. He achieved so many great things; for example, David Beckham made 265 Barclays Premier League appearances during his time at Manchester United Football Club scoring 62 goals in the process. In addition to that he was currently England's team captain and holds 6 Premier Leagues, 2 FA Cups, 2 MLS, 1 Liga, 1 Champions League, 1 Ligue 1, 4 Community Shield, and 1 Spice Girl. You just have to respect those figures. Oh and how about that one goal that took England to the World Cup final years after he had been sent  off during the world cup game vs. Argentina ?

But there comes a time in ones life where you have to stop what you are doing in order to fulfill something else. David Beckham and his wife have a lovely family, and it is safe to say, he realized he wanted to put them first before anything else. What a class act kind  of guy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pince Harry Visits America

Greeted by First Lady, Michelle Obama, Prince Harry found himself in the White House yesterday honoring military mothers. From playing with children, to making cards for those still away, Harry commenced his week long visit in the United States.

He received a very warm welcome from women staff members; but I mean who can blame them, if I was there I would have been the same way. Nevertheless Prince Harry is in the States on official business, unlike last time when he promiscuously playing in Las Vegas; so ladies, sorry to say but you will not be seeing the Prince shirtless this time around. Also, I hate to burst your bubble, but for all of you that are thinking "oh my goodness how is he still single, maybe I have a chance," you dont and in fact he is in a relationship.

After a very successful first day at the White House Prince Harry earlier today visited the Arlington Cemetery. Dressed in Full uniform, Prince Harry paid his tribute to all the soldiers who are laid at rest in that burial site. Being a soldier himself, and having served two tours in Afghanistan, this visit has had the most impact thus far. Prince Harry chose  to lay a wreath at a random grave with a note that read "To my comrades-in-arms of the United States of America, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom."

Harry will continue his tour throughout the east coast stopping in New York and the Jersey Shore along with many other locations.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Invest in the UK-- It's Worth It.

 Today Financial Leaders from around the world joined one another in Jolly Old to attend the Global Investment Conference organized by UK Trade and Investment

. In addition to praising the success  of the United Kingdom, it was introduced that there will be a £8bn Investment in the UK creating 15,000 new jobs.George Osborne, Chancellor  of the Exchequer made it known to attendees that the "UK is  aggressively reducing corporation tax to 20% by 2015 making it the lowest in G20." These were just some announcements that sparked major interest. As someone who spent a good amount of time in Great Britain, there is no need to convince me why it is a good idea to invest. First, for all you ladies out there, lets be honest you know you would like to see a little more English culture around the United States--including the accents. And for all of you financial gurus it really is a good plan; check out some this infographic for further information. 

For further information you can visit http://www.ukti.gov.uk/home.html?guid=none

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back in The U S of A

Being back is not something that I would say is extremely gratifying. For one thing; it is terribly hard to go from working in Parliament to being a normal college student again. Enough said the last four months of my life have been some of the best so far, and I hope that I do get another chance to be in London. Since my trip has concluded instead of deleting this blog I thought I would keep it going to keep everyone updated on Politics within American and the UK. I hope that you will all find it interesting !

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Audience

Last night I went to see "The Audience" which was about the Queen and the weekly meetings she has with her Prime Minsters. The PMs ranged from Churchill to Cameron, and each actor learned their part so well. The actor that was playing David Cameron had every charcteristic of Cameron nailed to a T. It was an amazing performance, by far the best one I have seen my whole time here in London. In addition the the theatrics of it all, Helen Mirren played The Queen, and she was OUTSTANDING. I was fortunate to have gotten first row seats, thats right the very first row, and it was so strange seeing a woman who I knew only on the screens 2 feet away from me. You might be wondering how I got front row seats, and I'll tell you. I waited outtside the theatre in the freezing cold for 5 hours. Thatsd right, I arrived at the thetare at 5 am. It was totally worth it though, and even better, the tickets only cost £10 which is cheaper than seeing a movie !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I always forget that I am Irish...so today I celebrated my heritage at the St. Patrick's Day Festival here in London ! I thought I would share some pics !

Yes It was raining but that didn't stop me from having a good time!
but I did get a little cold, so I used my flag as a blanket !
and then me and my roommate had a little photoshoot...